(HongKong Post)100pcs heicard liteV3-support iccid edit

ICCID mode adapts to all normal unlocked iPhones;
IMSI mode, adapted to 6S 6SP SE;
Easy to use, stable performance, low price;
support iccid edit by program board and iPhone
70$ inculding Hong Kong Post shipping and 100pcs unlocksim
support print OEM logo on the unlocksim






According to our understanding, mobile phone merchants like to operate simple card-unlocking products. It is best to use plug-and-play to save the user's teaching time and labor costs, and also the price is good!

This card with efficient small-capacity chip, small size, small power consumption, 1 second quick update ICCID.

Solve the need for a large Quantity of reprogramming or re-editing operations after each new ICCID appears.

During ICCID shutdown, you can also write the IMSI code through call setting  to directly unlock the corresponding carrier's model

support print OEM logo on the unlocksim

ICCID mode adapts to all normal unlocked iPhones;


Low price;

Easy to use, stable performance; 

Default iccid plug and play;


Does not support the user to edit and modify parameters; 

does not support the mobile Unicom TMSI mode unlock;

Does not support upgrade the firmware of the chip;

how to set new iccid?

dial *5005*7672* 20 digits of iccid code#

for example:new iccid is 89014103279529155534,just dial *5005*7672*89014103279529155534#,it will be set,when you set new iccid,your sim‘s sms centre numbers will be chang,you need set right it back.

before you set new iccid,you can dial *#5005*7672# to check the default sms centre numbers, after set iccid done,you dial *5005*7672*sms center numbers#,it will fix sms send and imessage.