HeicardSim Latest Version for iP 6~Xs (type A)

HeicardSim Latest Version for iP 6~Xs (type A)

Support unlocking via TMSI;

Support firmware upgrade;

Support IOS 13+;

Retail price is 12 USD, including Hongkong post service.

If you want to buy this product in bulk, you can get more better price, please create an agent account.



1. SKT Menu


2.How to use(IOS 13+)

    step 1: Insert HeicardSim into your iPhone with your SIM card

    step 2: Activate your iPhone, and then you will see the popup window, just like black picture.

    step 3: Select mode, you can select 'Universal Activation' or 'Manual via IMSI/TMSI'

        if you select 'Universal Activation' mode, you will see: (click 'send', and 'Accept', and then need to wait)


        if you select 'Manual via IMSI/TMSI', you will see: (select your iPhone locked carrier and then need to wait)


    step 4: you will see your iPhone return to 'Activation screen', at this time you do nothing, just wait for your iPhone searching signal and it will enter your desktop screen again.


    3.1 if 'No Service', you can enter SKT menu, click 'Reload TMSI'

    3.2 if you can not activate your iPhone, check the iccid whether it have been blocked, if blocked, you need to change another one