heicardsim v3.3 perfect unlock

V3.3 plug and play perfect unlock via newest iccid 8901 0000 0000 0000 001F;
Fully automatic unlock ICCID mode;
Support firmware upgrade;

Retail price is 12 USD, including Hongkong post service.
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1.Larger program space to  full-function  logic program;

2.Built-in a variety of logic,such as ICCID,IMSI and TMSI;

3.It can be edite iccid for perfect activation ;

4.Support 4s to iPhone X IMSI/ TMSI way,without fear of any block by server;

5.Our team are keeping on development  upgrading, and free release  upgrade files;

6.Support usb smasrt card reader directly to update the firmware;

7.Fully encapsulated stm package protection chip, reliable and durable quality;

8.It suppoort all iOS version,inclduing the newest iOS 11.2.x


How to use:

1,The defult logic is ICCID activation,you just insert the unlocksim and your sim together,plug and play;

2, If the server bloked the iccid,and some one released new active iccid,you can dial *5005*7672*88# to edit the ICCID of the unlocksim;

3,If no release the iccid,you can dial *5005*7672*00# to change the unlocksim work in IMSI/TMSI unlock logic within the baseband loop whole;

4,If we release new firmware,it can upgrade via smartcard reader; 

How to ship to you:

if you just buy one pcs,we will send the parcel via HongKong post service,you can buy bot above 20 pcs,the shipping cost the same as one pcs;

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