Heicardsim professional Upgrade Tutorial

how to use heicardsim perfect unlock your iphone?

a. please click here to open the tutorial in Chinese.

b. please click here to open the tutorial in English.

c.if you had brough newest heicardsim,just plug and play,no need any option.

As picture show

big IC:


Download the latest firmware for big IC: heicardsimV3.2_big_IC

small IC:


Hardware preparation:

Win7 or win10 system computer one

USB serial smart card reader or PCSC card reader one(you can buy from us)

Software preparation:

you can click here to download the upgrade tool (old version).

new 3in1 reader upgrade tool (new version) here

The  firmware download: at right side bar or creat by yourself here

Hid interface reader:


new tool:


select reader interface type,and connect unlocksim


set the unlockchip into upgrade mode


select the firmware file


start to upgrade


finish!the atr is with the end of 89

COM /pcsc interface reader :

First install the card reader driver install

1.1 Only usb-com reader need install, pcsc reader no need driver


1.2 According to your system type to select the corresponding driver,double-click the installation, the driver can be successfully installed to the system.


1.3 This is usb to serial smart card reader


1.4 Insert the card with the sim card on the unlocksim into the card slot


1.5 And then insert the computer's USB interface,  the green light on, computer will automatically search the driver.


1.6 The computer will automatically use the driver just installed, there is no accident in the case of the reader to a red light, said the installation was successful.


1.7 Into the computer's device management query card reader assigned port number (my computer - right click - management - device manager - port)


Then start updating the card's firmware (run the tool)

2.1 Set the type of card reader, the use of serial type on the choice of com, the use of pcsc type on the election pcsc.


2.2 Use the com type, you need to set the port port number,(If you are pcsc type , click 连接读卡器)


2.3 Select the serial number, this computer is assigned to com5 5, according to the actual situationBaud rate selection 19200.Click 打开串口(turn on button,It will Return to the mian screen, then plug once card reader.Now click  复位 (reset),You will get sim card reply string ATR3B 9A 94 80 1F C3 80 31 E0 73 FE 21 1B 17 02 28 89 


2.4 NEXT click “进入升级模式”(upgrademode)but The interface does not respondPlease insert once card readerClick again 复位 reset,The card replies to the ATR of the upgrade mode3B 1D 96 81 17 07 10 2E 00 3B 17 08 00 00 C3 00


2.5 Then click下载固件 (download firmware), pop-up file selection box.Select v3.0 txt file.


2.6 The progress bar at the bottom of the tool starts showing progressMore than 10 seconds to complete the updated


2.7 update successed.


V3.0 What's new?

3.1 Before the perfect activation of the server loopholes have been closed, has been activated only use the last activated the sim card, new sim can not be used, V3.1 is to solve the new problem.Other brands of unlock sim just brutally copy the other first unlock mode, do not understand the idea of unlocking, so that the menu more and more complex, more and more complicated operation. But heicardsim is to make unlocking easier.In this v3.1 update, we set unlock mode of integration into one, it will automatically according to the phone and sim card configuration, to achieve the most simple steps to unlock.

3.2 After the update is complete, unlock sim in the initialization mode, plug SIM card into the phone, will prompt you how to operate the next


3.3 Press the home key emergency call out the keyboard, call * 5005 * 7672 * 00 #, will pop up the settings


3.4 The first RESET SETTINGS is the initialization mode.The second Generral Unlock is a generic unlock, that is, we want to use the unlock mode.The third virtual operator parameters copy  This is a VNO to customize phone, but you can not find imsi code, just the phone has the original operator card ,it can be used with the card to select this model to copy, and then you change the sim of  your sim card, completed.


3.5 Usually we choose General Unlock, will enter the next operator to select the interface.


3.6 The common lock carrier has been included in the list, you can directly select, if not included ,you can choose input imsi manually enter the 7-digit imsi code, this code can be found at www.heicard.com, we provide The vast majority of operators around the world code inquiries


Now this phone is the Japanese version of the softbank locked, we choose Jp softbankThe confirmation page will popup

3.7 Prompt to complete the set, point to accept the start unlocking. Also keep in mind the code for this setup entry.If you set the wrong operator, you can not enter the desktop, re-set the need to call this code by calling the emergency call up the menu(Successful unlock conditions,Your sim card must be a 4Gsim cardAnd there are 4G networksAnd the phone's 4G switch must remain on, data roaming switch also need to on)


After the successful release of 4G and stay in the desktop, you can use now.

The firmware update supports most of the 5S-8 models, but with less support.

5S-8 support 4G usim use 4G network

But if your iphone is sprint locked ,sorry that is not support,just keep Follow us,maybe we will  new solutions in the future.

If your iphone is 6s or 6sp,it can work very good.

If your iphone 7 is intel basbank ,there no any solution at present.

If you have 4G or LTE ,but can not use data

Please use wifi to visit http://www.unlockit.co.nz install APN profile,it will fix it

If your iphone is usa verizon locked ,please intall APN profile.

The future of our Develope, a more perfect firmware, the same update tutorial will be released, allowing users to complete the first time to upgrade!

heicardsim really iphone unlock the geek team


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