How to use self-edited ICCID

Video Tutorial
Please watch the video of new ICCID tutorial below:
Self-compiled ICCID steps

How to use v3.2 perfect unlock your iphone

Please look here firstly:

the heicardsim v3.2,just need dial *5005*7672*88# input iccid 89014103278683949559 ,after finish set,just need select  resettings of the setting menu,iphone need active again,all will be perfect!

Step 1:Enter settings, then the iphone enters the activation mode.


Step 2:Emergency call input * 5005 * 7672 * 88 # and iccid input box will pop up, if there is no pop-up plug on the card and then enter.


Step 3:Enter the beginning of 89 iccid code point 20 points, plug the card.

Step 4: try to activate, if activated into the desktop that iccid is a universal iccid, and if prompted sim card fails, then this iccid inappropriate. Re-set from the second step and try again.



Iccid is not difficult to obtain, according to the old card to see if there is a fixed iccid, or some of the card with the activation card.

iccid View method:

After inserting the iphone, the iphone is in bit active mode, click the power button to lock the screen, and then click, there will be an i character click to view. Or can enter the system in the phone point on the machine can see iccid encoding.

The download contains the latest v3.2cos file and some examples of high frequency used ICCIDs.