Using tutorial of heicardsim professional version


we made the setting more easier:auto or manual or iccid,just 3 methods to unlock iphone;

auto and manual logic just base on IMSI or TMSI signle loophole  to unlock iphone;

ICCID logic just base on apple active server loophole to perfect active iphone without sim lock;

it support change sim afer iccid loophole closed;

it support edit iccid strings when user select the option at the same time;

Default setting:

we set the iccid logic for default setting,so user got the v3.3 or upgrade to v3.3 unlocksim,just plug and play,it will active most of all iphone without simlock!

(how to unlock iphone after iccid loophole closed )

Change setting:

if iccid loophole closed,the iccid logic will work invalid,so user need change other logic to unlock iphone,please make a Emergency call *5005*7672*00#,iphone will popup the unlock sim setting menu


,user need select Auto via IMSI/TMSI option,then popup


the locked carrier item option,please select the correct carrier of target iphone.if the carrier not including in the list ,please select input imsi,and input the 7 digits of the carrier imsi code,user can search imsi code in our website.

when set it done,iphone will be unlocked via baseband loophole automaticly,but some iphone or some carrier not good adaptation  at this logic,but no other better way to choose,so just watting the new iccid release again.

When new iccid release,please set unlocksim work with iccid logic,it will popup bellow menu,user just edit the old iccid to new iccid and send,iphone will request active again,with new iccid,all will perfect work.


How about the sim application menu?


Setting Carrier :it is for set unlock logic and carrier,as the same as call *5005*7672*00#

ICCID lock IMSI: if iccid loophole had closed,and you need change another sim for using moment,user can make it been selected by *,afte that,you can change to use any other sim via tmsi or imsi logic without requesting active.if iphone requesting active,please call *5005*7672*99# order iphone back to desktop,it will work in imsi/tmsi mode to unlock with new sim, not only that,when insert the lastest actived sim again,it will work in perfect iccid logic whitout  requesting active。A word of general situation,it let user replace simcard and keeping the lastest iccid activiation。

Auto Reload-TMSI:it is set the unlock sim to keep spy the signal status,if signal lost,unlocksim will go to the request active mode to reload tmsi,and back to desktop.if not been selected,it is manual option to reload tmsi signal.

Refresh TMSI:it is set for manual reload TMSI,if user choose to tmsi logic to unlock,the signal will lost ,user need select it to reload tmsi agian.

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