Create Custom ICCID_IMSI_GID Firmware For LiteSIM

How to set custom ICCID  IMSI GID to cs2 file?

1: load the newest firmware file into BJX (must use this cs2 file to edit iccid follow the pictures)

2:change the iccid format  "ab ab ab ab ab ab ab ab ab ab " to HEX  "ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba"

3:follow the picture poited  to edit code,total 10 address need to edit,save the edit;

4:download to programer box,pull the usb cable,start to programe litesim chip

5:plug in iphone play with out any seetting,and support iOS13

for example: 


normal iccid format:89 01 41 04 27 02 25 98 78 73

edit in software hex format:98 10 41 72 20 52 89 87 37

normal imsi format:for example at&t 3104105 

edit in software hex format:9 3104105 》39 01 14 50

GID :for example sprint GID1: 00 00 00  GID2 : A2 00 00

if you choose iccid only verison download here

edit your iccid in file follow this pic,and then downlaod to progrtrammer


litesim only support use special programmer to upgrade this  firmware

here is the details

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  • Firmware
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